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Finally: the end of year show! It was a great summer day, with friends and family (my parents flew in from Mexico) and with the project finally for people to experience.

Here is a description of my project from Khio’s publication.

Invitasjon_utstilling3The invite for the end of year show.


The Stardust installation and exhibition at the end of year show.

2_IMG_27034_IMG_26585_IMG_26636_IMG_26547_IMG_26538_IMG_26599_IMG_282310_IMG_2809IMG_2720Walking in, the flocking system around, and kinect about to detect the participant’s silhouette.

IMG_2715IMG_2713IMG_2757IMG_2675IMG_2672IMG_2775Video of Stardust:

cd_g_h_IMG_2735i_IMG_2728j_IMGe_IMG_2824f_IMG_2810I was very surprised (and happy) to win a prize (avgangstipendene 2013) for best results in Master project, announced that day! 

firma 2


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