Several iterations later, I finally finished Stardust! Just in time for the end of year show at Khio, too!

The final installation used the coloured-boids, as they matched exactly the art direction from the photoshoot (part of the visual references process). It was tricky to work with the set-up: get the projector and kinect aligned, and I opted for a mirror wall as part of the “room” where the installation was set up. (I had to create that room myself too).

I worked hard for the “tag” part, where the participant transfers the stardust through touch. In the end, it was more simple than what I thought. Although I had the tag logic figured out and was working on the code’s syntax, when I tested it, the kinect’s delay in reading the second user helped to make it feel like the stardust was passing on to the next participant more smoothly, and so on. “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!”. So the code worked around that.

I was very happy to be able to create an interactive project from concept to execution. I learned a lot in the process, and I also felt at this point that starting things is easy. The hard part is finalizing them.

Here is the photoshoot from the final installation, as well as a video for the project (sound design by Rafa Meza).


I’m very thankful to my tutors and friends for helping me along this process, and I couldn’t wait to show the project off at the final show!

firma 2


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