Stardust Process


Before posting Stardust in its final form, I want to delve into the process a bit more.

The previous post showed full-scale screen tests of how the interactive system in Stardust works (at least the core). These  screen-tests were done to figure out what type of visual language was best to communicate enchantment and magic. I did extensive visual research creating an aesthetic palette that would give me a reference on the visual language I would use for the installation. These images are the ones showed on the screen-tests and the categories I used to analyze them are photorealistic stars, dust and light, particle systems, handmade and luminescence.

I tested these in the form of collages as well. Here’s a look:

star guys astar guys2After testing out both on-screen and with the collages, the feedback I got was that the following visual language communicated better magic in the stardust. For the following part of the process, I had this aesthetic as a benchmark.

star guys final




























firma 2


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