Pop-up Video


To wrap-up our first year at the Master’s at KHiO, we prepared a conference presentation about our projects, and where we are in regards to our research at this point.

Taking into account that the aspects that I explore in my project include magic, technology, and engagement, I wanted to do something different than a slide-presentation. With the type of project I have I face some challenges: first, not to alienate people from the technology/geeky bit, to explain as clearly as possible, and to use the medium to convey my message.

I’ve been wanting to test some projection mapping for a while now and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. I made a rather big Pop-up book, worked on my script, made storyboards, animations and played with the space of my tiny pop-up theatre. It’s so much fun to test and try something new: from the set-up to figuring out how to fold paper so a box pops out to telling the story in a different way.

I intended to record it live and show it on the projector at the auditorium, but sometimes one’s ambitions surpass the tools at hand. I needed something better than the document camera from school. It recorded the Pop-Up book live just fine, but it couldn’t handle all the differences in light from the various videos I used, or the fast pace of animations (the focus option was not optimal). By the way, I realized this Sunday night, around 11 p.m. Typical.

So it was a make-or-break moment: and I decided that it was more important to have people actually see what I’ve worked with and be able to read and follow the idea than to perform a miniature projected theater. Sometimes you have to kill your little darlings.

But, I also thought: screw it, I’m going to do it anyways. So I did, even if it was after the major conference presentation. Here are some images from the result. I’m making a short film about it too ;)











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