Quick Response

Quick (and dirty) Response Codes

We had an hour for workshop time, and we decided to talk/explore Håvard’s project. His project is about multi-sensory storytelling, and blending his awesome illustrations with digital content, to show different parts/perspectives/characters of the story, play with the medium itself (book), exploring space and depth of characters through this different media of storytelling. Scanning codes was part of it, and what we wanted to find out is how to make a code shaped like a star, for instance.

The first step was to figure out how to do a QR code, something we’ve talked about but haven’t really done anything about it till know.

This resources are very simple and helpful: qrstuff, and ways of creating qr codes with different materials, in real (not only digital) life.

Ta-da! Print / Scan and see where they take you!

Personal rant: isn’t this kind of following the white rabbit down the rabbit whole? I should make a code shaped like a white rabbit…..




Some cool examples:



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