Back to Basics

Playing with the minimum

I started asking myself: at what point did we reduce interaction to scrolling with a single finger or Augmented Reality to a black square inside a white one? The historic trail I’m making, serves not only to look back at what’s been done before and reminisce, but rather, to understand and put in context the decisions that people (developers, designers, engineers, pushers, movers and shakers) have made to come down to this path. Perhaps I can find an unexplored parameter to play with.

When going back to basics, what is the minimum for AR? A microscope, in essence, is augmenting whatever it is we put underneath it; it is giving us extra information, a new layer of knowledge so we can grasp the complexity of the thing being put under the lens.

Reflected images can make interesting tricks (shadows & mirrors) and give us an extra “depth” of what we are looking at, a new perspective, create patterns and repetitions. These reflections are basic and practical: a mirror in the back corner of an aisle in the grocery shop, to spot any shoplifters, for example. I’d like to explore basic, analog augmented reality and perception, and to do so a collaborative project is in the works. :)



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