Around a year ago, I wished with all my heart to move to Norway. Personal reasons aside, I thought that doing an MA in which you had the freedom to work on something you love was a rare opportunity. So, I dug up my brains and bookmark folder in search of a new idea of something I was already interested about.

I love motion graphics. My BA thesis in Information Design at UDLAP (my home University in Cholula <3, Puebla) was about visuals in concerts, and how they enhance the experience. I even got a live band to play at the University’s library, with visuals I created telling a story as they played along.

What I wanted to dedicate a couple of years of my life to, was that: something fun and that blows me away. Motion graphics, as far as I knew, and as communicative as they can be, are not that interactive. Usually the person watching only does that: watch. So with the use of emergent technology (at the time) like QR codes, or Augmented Reality, motion graphics can go from just pushing play & watch, to something people can experience in their own way, or even contribute to.

I started getting familiarized with interaction design, stage design, and came up with a project proposal in early 2011. This definition (and goal) keeps evolving, and this blog is going to help me sort the process out (or at least I hope so). So as embarrassing as looking back sometimes is (like looking to an old yearbook picture with my braces on), here’s a look back at my proposal:

Generation of motion graphics that interactively respond to audio and the user through Augmented Reality”

Project Goals

To demonstrate that the role of motion graphics is evolving towards interaction, having a whole niche for them to develop, explore social implications and the user experience when encountering AR.

 How I wish to achieve the goals

By creating a screen installation that responds (through webcam, sound recognition software, AR software) to a series of concert posters and sound, in the way of interactive motion graphics, and extra (enhanced) information in real-time about the printed information on the concert poster (previous research on AR, user interfaces, tracking systems and interactivity).

This has moved from the “I think I know what I’ll do”, to a “I want to find something worth telling and sharing”. But more on that later on.


*I did get in and moved here in the Summer!

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